Houses Wind

Supposing that I just dreamed this

What if you are a house around which I am a wind

Your walls will never reckon how my life will bend

Since the best you can do is to peer through windows unobserved


If this wind, who I am howls, carefully round this house of you

Love being far too much, the mourning corners of your heart

Will collapse


I pull against your wonderful jealousy, ‘cause it is dark

Hoping for light and laughter to flow from God’s breath

Though I am a flawed kind of man I still see

That there is a need for hearts to open and souls to breathe


If this wind, who I am howls, lovingly round this house of you

Then maybe spring might finally

Erupt up from the ground


And if this wind that I purport to be

Moves round and throughout all of me

Then maybe my own house will be made free


If this wind, who I am now, continues round

This house of you

All that is sound and noise will abound

Through the air