Morning - EP

by The Sun Kite

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Morning is the first musical release of The Sun Kite, released July 7th, 2013. 

Morning is the first conceptual release of a series of three, being thematically centered around the morning. There are both abstract and concrete elements represented within, including such elements as: light, fog, the concept of beginnings, the sun, awakenings, creation, early morning air, and birdsong.

Each and every instrument played on this EP was specially chosen and crafted to reflect either a slow but steady build of energy (such as the piano on "The Bluebird Mend", or the guitars on "Braving the Wind"), or a constant pulse of mellow noise (the doubled banjo on "Lantern", or the bass and ukuleles on "Ember Bed"). 

These steady rhythmic builds of energy and constant rhythmic pulses of mellow noise are written and played so as to mesh into a unified, peaceful, and yet steadily-increasing feeling of energy and musical life, in keeping with the theme of "morning".

The song order on the EP is also a purposefully thematic decision, intentionally ordered so that listening through from beginning to end will result in an experience of a steady growth of volume, beginning with the slow build of "Lantern", and finally ending with the energetic speed and punch of "Braving the Wind". 

released July 7, 2013
All writing, performing, recording and producing was done by Michael Frommack.